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Drone Services

SleepyDog Studios is currently searching for qualified drone pilots to fly our 960 class aircraft. We fly two controller systems with a pilot and cameraman on each flight. We are in need of a number of pilots. Please submit your information below.

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Time Lapse

Arena Happy Hour 03.24.16

Time Lapse 2015

Live Events

Kitsap BlueJackets vs Medford Rogues

June 20, 2015

Research Services

SleepyDog Studios offers a number of services specific to scientific research and analysis including super high speed photography with speeds up to 150,000 frames per second, and thermal imaging for visible and non-visible spectrum events.

  • Super High Speed
    Experienced with camera and lighting systems with capture rates in excess of 90,000 fps.
  • Thermal & Infrared
    Thermal imagery for extreme temperature variances, explosive events and event documentation.